Ensuring Uncompromising Quality: A Glimpse into Our Manufacturing Process and Facilities

  • Jun 25, 2023


In the world of manufacturing, achieving excellence requires a meticulous approach to every step of the production process. At “DCM,” we take pride in our carefully designed production process chart and constant supervision by senior engineers, which ensures minimal defects and maximizes production efficiency. Let’s delve into our state-of-the-art machinery, robust infrastructure, and stringent quality control measures that set us apart from other manufacturers.

Production Process and Unit:

To uphold our commitment to near-zero defects, we instill in our workforce the belief that any production failure tarnishes individual credibility rather than being solely a monetary loss. Before commencing work, we thoroughly check the materials, machinery, and instruments to eliminate any potential failures during the manufacturing process. Our in-house metallurgical lab and standard room facilitate continuous monitoring and quality checks at every stage, from steel bar inspection to final product packaging. With modern machinery and instruments, we ensure the production of high-quality bearings that differentiate us from competitors.


Our manufacturing operations are powered by state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to deliver exceptional results at every stage:

1. Forging – Electric heating furnace with a volume of 550 kg/hr.
2. Annealing – Electric annealing furnace with a 3-ton capacity.
3. Turning – ACE Designer and JYOTI CNC Junior jobber JR machines.
4. Heat Treatment – Salt bath furnace with a 3-ton capacity.
5. Grinding – Micromatic surface grinding machine.
6. Vertical Grinding Machines – Cincinnati.
7. PLC External Grinding Machines – Cincinnati.
8. CNC Internal Grinding Machines 2 Axis – Indian.
9. PLC Liff Grinding Machines – Indian.
10. Honing Machine – Superior super finishing with a single reference.
11. Laser Marking Machine.
12. Power Press Machine.
13. Automatic Washing Machine with automation and air control.


Situated in the veraval-shaper industrial zone of Rajkot, our extensive infrastructure encompasses 30,000 sq. feet of manufacturing facilities on a total land area of 3,500 sq. meters. Constructed with cement and concrete beams, columns, and reinforced floors, our industrial buildings minimize vibrations during the manufacturing process, ensuring greater accuracy. Specially built storage areas are dedicated to raw materials, under-production products, and finished goods to prevent atmospheric effects.

Quality Control:

At “DCM,” maintaining stringent quality control measures is of paramount importance. Our dedicated team of quality inspectors conducts thorough checks and tests at various manufacturing stages to ensure impeccable size, grade, and finish, resulting in the best quality products.

Raw Material Checking:

Every material brought into our factory premises undergoes rigorous checks for steel grade, microstructure, dimensional structure, and compliance with specifications.

Quality Audit:

Our team of quality experts meticulously inspects bearing components, assessing surface roughness, roundness, size variation, hardness, and noise levels. Only products that meet our stringent standards are approved for final packing and dispatch to customers.

Documentation and Testing Measures:

We prioritize documentation and testing to ensure consistent quality. Our modern standard room is equipped with cutting-edge “MITUTOYO” instruments for roughness and roundness testing, while an Olympus microscope allows us to examine material microstructures. Electronic and mechanical comparators are utilized for real-time quality control during the production process.

Standard Confirmations:

Our steel bars are made from SAE-52100 oxygen control VD route high carbon, high chrome steel, renowned for its exceptional hardness and superior wear resistance.


At “DCM,” our commitment to manufacturing excellence is unwavering. Through meticulous production processes, state-of-the-art machinery, robust infrastructure, and stringent quality control measures, we consistently deliver top-quality bearings to meet and exceed